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Aside from solar water heating, this website will eventually cover the following topics (and more!):


Ÿ  How to reduce your household energy consumption, e.g., insulation, energy usage monitoring, etc

Ÿ  Solar PV (photovoltaic)

Ÿ  Heating from wood, woodchip & wood pellet.

Ÿ  Combined heat & power systems (CHP) for off-gridders

Ÿ  Wind generators

Ÿ  Wood gas for heat, light, power, and vehicles

Ÿ  Low impact transport solutions

Ÿ  Organic gardening, guerrilla gardening, garden share, native fruit trees, etc.

Ÿ  A+++ rated, low energy domestic appliances

Ÿ  Indeed anything else within the realms of energy descent, small-scale sustainable living, or simple frugalitarianism! 


Here’s some things we think you might find useful in the meantime…



Solar Co-Op Discussion forum  

Solar Co-Op Forum



Downloads Page




If you like what the Solar Co-Op is doing, enjoy reading any of our information and guidance, or wish to help us with ongoing experimentation/research, then please consider donating £5. (Donations are paid into the Eco Co-Op Ltd paypal account and then forwarded to Solar Co-Op)


Wood-burning Heaters

Woodburning Page










Eco Co-Op – Irish supplier of 12v energy efficient pumps for solar water heating, boats, camper vans, brewing, & off-grid living.  

Eco Co-Op Ltd

Good advice on pump sizing and selection, given freely irrespective of whether you purchase one of their pumps

Yotex – if you’re into small scale, self-build energy systems, and you’re a hands-on practical type who likes recycling materials, this Guy’s site is definitely worth checking out.


An absolute pioneer in a variety of DIY energy systems. Woodchip boilers, wood gasification, ground source heat pumps, etc. Based in Yorkshire .

The Navitron forum is a great source of info and support for renewable enthusiasts, but they generally don’t allow people to post details about other suppliers of competing products!

Navitron Forum


Transition Derry – the Transitions Towns initiative for  Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Transition Derry

A great website on all things associated with the Transition Movement in Northern Ireland.

Transition Inishowen – the Transitions Towns initiative for the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland

Contact Details for Transition Inishowen

Transition Inishowen can help and advise on energy descent, organic gardening, sustainable construction such as hemp/lime, and much more.

Wookey’s website is a veritable mine of useful tips for the DIY solar thermal panel installer. He’s also used a 12Vdc pump which one doesn’t see too often. Some good info on solar PV panels and other interesting stuff too! 

Wookey's Homepage

Wookey’s site is always worth keeping an eye on.